Why customer loyalty is important and what you can do to improve it

by Mai Le | Mar 23, 2021

Business owners nowadays are paying more and more attention to customer loyalty than ever before. There are plenty of reasons behind it. This article will explain why customer loyalty is that important to businesses and give you some ideas on how to improve customer loyalty.


What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is described as a definite preference of customers for one company’s goods and services over those of competitors. When customers like and trust a product or brand, there are loyal to that product or brand. Customers that are loyal to a company are not easily swayed by price or availability.

Loyal customers often spend more money with you than customers who aren’t loyal. Happy customers are easier to sell to, because they’re happy and they like the company. Customer loyalty needs to be nurtured and sustained. Once you gain your customers’ loyalty, you need to make sure you don’t overcharge for your products and services, because it’s the fastest way to drive your customers away from your business.


Why is customer loyalty important?

Customer loyalty has effects on almost every metric that matters in the success of a business. Your company can only succeed when you have a number of loyal customers who always want to buy from you. New customers are more expensive to obtain and they spend less money than loyal, repeat customers.

Customer loyalty also helps increase your brand awareness. Loyal customers are likely to talk about your products or services to their friends and family. They even possibly recommend their friends and family to buy from you or use your services. They are more than happy to be your brand ambassador, to write excellent feedback about your company on social media. Moreover, customers’ words of mouth are more valuable than any other marketing tactics that your company have come up with. Imagine, someone is considering your product, will they believe in your company’s advertising or will they believe in feedbacks from real customers? You know the answer!


How do we go about building customer loyalty?

There are a number of things that a company can do to build customer loyalty. To get the most out of customer loyalty, a company must be able to offer excellent products and provide high-quality customer services. If your products are better than the market’s standards, customers will be willing to pay more for your products. Responding quickly to customer complaints is a great way to increase customers’ satisfaction and they will stick with you in the long run. Businesses that have a lot of customer service shortcomings can lose customers very quickly. Losing a customer is a bad thing. It takes time and resources to build a loyal customer base.

With a consistently outstanding customer experience, your customers will continue to buy from you. Loyal customers don’t need to be coddled and cared for. But your loyal customers should have a good experience in your store and with your company. Since most businesses don’t have staff available at every single store location, it’s important to keep customer needs in mind when designing your store.


Some final thoughts

Business owners everywhere should think carefully about customers’ needs when constructing and designing products. Think about these questions: Do your products fulfil the needs and desires of your target customers? Have your customer care services satisfied customers? Only the correct balance of products’ quality, customer services, and in-depth understanding of your customers can make all of your efforts generate profits for your company.

Written By Mai Le

I love helping small businesses to succeed. I also love working with shoppers to help them save money. A maximalist. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of LoyalRate.

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