What do customers expect from your hair salon?

by Mai Le | Dec 19, 2020

If you are a local hairdresser owning a hair salon, you might already spend most of your time finding ways to develop your service. Have you ever wondered about what your customers expect from your hair salon? The answers in this blog may help you to tailor the benefits of your hair salon more effectively.

1. Quality

The first, perhaps most important thing that customers want to get to the beauty salon is quality. When a customer spends their hard-earned money on a haircut, they expect their hair to be done with utmost care. Some will even go the extra mile to find the best haircut offerings. This is understandable because the impact of any changes in hairstyles lasts for quite a while. Of course, no customer wants to go out or be seen with a bad hair-do.

2. Hairstyle updating

Another expectation of a customer is perhaps to own the latest hairstyles. We recommend your hairstylists to be up-to-date with the most trendy hairstyles. This is because the customers who walk through your door may want to catch the latest trend yet not entirely sure themselves. It is reasonable because fashion trends are fast changing. You can attract and retain loyal customers with your updated knowledge of what is most trendy out there.

3. Flawlessly beautiful for an extended period

The third thing is perhaps the reputation of the products you use, or the brands you associate yourselves with, many haircare brands has created a loyal following who believe their product ensures the customer’s hair is flawlessly beautiful for an extended period. Your customers may spend a lot on a hair treatment service with certain products or brands because they want to be confident and attractive looking for as long as possible. Therefore, as a small business, you can leverage off the bigger brands and the products you associate with to attract regular, loyal clients.

4. The price

The last thing, perhaps more obvious, is the price. Every customer wants a low price for their regular haircut but also expect quite a high quality from it. Balancing price and quality is hard for a small, local hair salon, because you want to offer the most attractive price but also not to be seen as to offer ‘discounted’, ‘lower-quality’ services.

This is where LoyalRate comes in to offer the best solution for a beauty salon with bulk-buy deals. On LoyalRate, hair salons like yours can sell long-term hairdressing deals to customers at a lower price, when customers pay for these bulk-buy deals upfront. This offering meets the client’s demand for year-round hairdressing at a more reasonable price, and help you lock-in the customer loyalty for a longer period. Moreover, this also enables you to have the cash upfront in your account, allowing you to use such funds to upgrade services or invest in other renovation projects to be more attractive to local customers.

Additionally, LoyalRate services are coming in at a right time. The pandemic has significantly reduced hair salons’ revenue from customers. For example, many salons cannot sell hair care products directly to the customers anymore due to Covid-19 concerns. The beauty industry lost a lot of money during the summer when most salons had to close for a long time while the demand for haircare supposedly peaked. The situation in the UK was even worse during the second lockdown as demand for hairdressers increased, but salons were closed under a social distancing policy.

However, it is not too late. Many female customers, the highest spenders for haircare, is now looking to purchase hair care deals for the year-end holidays. If they buy deals at LoyalRate, they can get their hair done more often throughout the year, even if it’s not the peak months. LoyalRate helps you maintain a regular flow of customers throughout the year. We currently help local salons recover some revenue from the lost months. More importantly, we also help you to expand your customer base and maintain a steadier stream of guests for hairdressing services. Create a store right here to introduce your hair salon services to prospective local customers.

Written By Mai Le

I love helping small businesses to succeed. I also love working with shoppers to help them save money. A maximalist. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of LoyalRate.

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