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LoyalRate enables you to get your recurring local goods and services at a steep discount by buying upfront.  We give you insider access to exclusive deals on things you want and places you love. At the moment, it is by invitation only. We started with an initial curated group of customers and shops, but we’ll soon open up our platform to everyone in London.

Want early access to our site? Simply chat with us and we’ll advance you.

Alternatively, if one of our account managers has personally reached out to you, just let them know. They can sort it out for you and give you a warm welcome to our community.

What is LoyalRate about?

We are a marketplace that offers huge discounts on everyday purchases with the convenience of redeeming them in-store. Simply pre-pay for your local goods and services at a discount and redeem them at any time!

No more standing in queue or worrying about running out. Now you can buy ahead and get discounts while supporting the local economy, all with just a few clicks on our website.

As easy as 1,2,3…

Browse local discounts on LoyalRate

Type in your postcode to see local deals in your area. From coffees to dry cleaning, we have many places you know and love.

Pay upfront for stuff you already usually buy

Get discounts by paying upfront for things you already regularly buy. E.g., get 20% discount if you pay for 10 coffees now, or buy £100 in-store dry cleaning credit for £80 today.

Redeem in-store with QR code

Bring your unique QR code in-store to be scanned by the shop employees. Voila – you’ve redeemed your regular purchase with a handsome discount.

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What can you save on? 

LoyalRate offers lots of deals on local services and goods in London, from dry cleaning, haircuts, dental care to pet services.

Coffee shops

Domestic cleaning


Local grocers

Pet services

Window cleaning

Massage parlours



Hair salon and Barbers

Dry cleaners

Nail salons

You’re in great company


Deals in London




Five star reviews

“Love it!”

“I love all the local deals that are available on LoyalRate. I have bought many different deals on this site and so far have been very happy with them.”

– Rosie O’Neill

“Great for haircut”

“I highly recommend this website. I bought  a voucher for 5 visits to my local hair salon and I never had any problems.”

– Louisa Patterson

“Highly recommended by my dry cleaner”

“LoyalRate was suggested to me by my dry cleaner and I was pleasantly surprised by the great discounts on here.”

– Sally Bronwen

“Such a great find!”

“Fantastic experience, taking you to local places you didn’t know or would often normally visit!”

– Amelia Brook