Promotional code terms and conditions

Your use of LoyalRate promotional codes is based on the terms and conditions laid out below.

Promotional code terms and conditions

1. These Promotional Code Terms and Conditions apply to promotional codes for use on LoyalRate. Promotional codes are only redeemable on the LoyalRate desktop, tablet, and mobile sites.

2. These Promotional Code Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with any conditions of use of the relevant promotion as set out in the LoyalRate-branded marketing communications (either in emails sent by LoyalRate or as distributed through LoyalRate’s official affiliate partners or advertisers) (“individual Promotion Terms”). In the event of a conflict between the Promotional Code Terms and Conditions and the individual Promotion Terms, the individual Promotion Terms will prevail.

3. Minimum spend, new customer status, and other restrictions may apply as conditions of use of the promotional code.

4. If a promotional code is specific to a particular item or groups of items, then that promotional code can only be redeemed against that item or group of items.

5.Certain products are excluded from promotional codes.

6. Promotional codes are not valid on deals where the fine print of the deal specifies that “Marketing credits and/or promo codes can not be applied to this deal”.

7. Any promotional code is only valid during the time range specified in the individual Promotion Terms. Where a date is not given, there is no guarantee on the date of expiration for the promotional code, LoyalRate reserves the right to expire such promotional codes at its sole discretion.

8. If you have applied a promotional code to your account but have not completed checkout of a relevant order, the code will need to be re-entered when completing checkout for another order that qualifies for the same promotional code.

9. If your order value exceeds the value of the promotional code, you must pay the balance by one of LoyalRate’s accepted forms of payment.

10. Promotional codes cannot be used to purchase LoyalRate Gift Cards.

11. Promotional codes have no cash alternative and they are not transferable or assignable.

12. Promotional codes are subject to availability. Promotional codes may be withdrawn or amended by LoyalRate without notice once any cap (as set out in the individual Promotion Terms) has been reached.

13. LoyalRate reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, suspend or remove promotional codes should viruses, bugs, tampering, fraud or other causes beyond the reasonable control of LoyalRate corrupt or hinder the administration, security or proper use of the promotional code. Promotional codes may be withdrawn or amended by LoyalRate without notice once any cap (as set out in the individual Promotion Terms) has been reached.

14. LoyalRate reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel any promotional code (i) which has resulted from any printing, production and/or distribution errors (including but not limited to any errors in any individual Promotional Terms whether manifest or not) or (ii) where there have been errors in any aspect of the preparation of or distribution of materials for the promotional codes whether by LoyalRate or its affiliates.

15. Postage and packing will be applied to each item in accordance with LoyalRate’s standard delivery rates and policies as applicable. Promotional codes cannot be used against postage and packing or other delivery costs.

16. If you place an order using a promotional code and then return or cancel that order, the promotional code cannot be refunded or re-used.

17. For any deals where the deal copy indicates that a customer has an option of paying the “deposit payment” with the balance of the deal price to be paid directly to the merchant, the promotional code will only apply to the deposit amount rather than the full price of the deal, if the “Pay Deposit” option is selected.

18. LoyalRate may, at its sole discretion, round prices up or down to the nearest pence where a promotional code creates a discount with 3 decimal places or more.

19. LoyalRate’s Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookies Policy and E-Commerce Terms apply to all orders where promotional codes are used.

20. Each voucher collected can only be used once. Customers may be able to collect some vouchers more than once, however, customers may not collect and use a voucher more than 10 times and may not use more than one of the same voucher in a single order.

21. Any voucher discount which you use in connection with a new Subscribe & Save subscription for a Qualifying Item will only be applied to your first delivery. If you cancel the subscription for the Qualifying Item, you will not receive the discount. If you modify the subscription, including changing the delivery date, you will not receive the discount; you may be able to collect the voucher again and apply it to your modified subscription if the voucher is still available.


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