How to Start A Successful Coffee Shop?

by Mai Le | Dec 13, 2020

In the face of increasing competition, building a good reputation – and boosting repeat business – is essential to ensure the success of a coffee shop. Here are 6 things you need to start a successful coffee house.

1. The quality of your coffee

It may seem obvious, but the coffee you sell is one of the most important things that will help you solidify your reputation and get your customers to come back for more. Of course, when it comes to coffee shops, customers always want a guarantee that no matter how busy the business, the coffee tastes and is just as good as the first day they ordered it. Never stray from the simple black coffee offering. If your coffee latte or macchiato is not delicious, figure out why and try to constantly improve it. It would be unhelpful to be guided by the idea of delivering the best coffee in the world when you actually know nothing about coffee. It took me years to learn what makes good cups of coffee and good lattes, I’m pretty sure I had little idea about that when I first started. If you have a reputation for excellent coffee, food and sweets, your customers will try to return again and again.

2. Ensure you offer great customer services

Your customer service will ultimately determine the success of your business. Make your customers feel valued and offer them what you can do for them, and make sure they come by several times throughout the week on the way to work. This may require you to actively create promotions (such as creating deals on LoyalRate), but there is a good chance that you will be an essential part of your customer’s routines and habits. Reward them for their loyalty and they will be visiting your store all the time.

3. Invest in a great ambience

Consumers can make purchasing decisions based on the ambience, and therefore, cafés with selective modern furnishings are becoming more popular. Create a space that invites returning visitors, be it a grab-and-go coffee or a grab-and-go coffee. The time of day when the beans are roasted and the type of coffee can change the taste and smell of the coffee and thus the customer experience. It’s worth thinking through and asking yourself several questions about your coffee shop’s ambience before you start. For example, how do you create an atmosphere in your café that helps you attract recurring flows of customers from different parts of the world?

4. Nurturing regular customers

On the fourth point about running a successful café, one of the key components that will lead to business success is regular customers. Analyze your business as it currently operates and analyze it from the perspective of your customers and the area from which you are currently operating. For example, people are often pretty fixed in their coffee routines and need a pretty compelling reason to deviate from this routine. If you only open a few hours a day or even a few days a week, it will be difficult to attract loyal, regular customers.

5. Find a great location

Figuring out a good location can make your coffee shop stand out from all the other places in the city that serve specialty coffee. There are people who work in your area and may regularly pass by your café on their way to the office. You might be easily integrated into their routine as long as your offering and deals are good enough for them to do so, but first, they need a reason to try out your coffees and services. You can create your listings to promote your shop on LoyalRate for free so that more customers know about you and pop by your shops in their free time to try out your service.

6. Be generous with your customers

Lastly, be generous with your current and prospective customers. This may seem obvious, but many entrepreneurs are not so generous with their customers. For example, you can offer them samples to let them try your coffee, or use samples to change customers’ perception about certain exotic coffee type. If you give some small, free items to customers every time they come to your store to win their loyalty, this generosity can make their heart melt. For example, giving a customer a free cup of coffee every time they buy a bag of roasted coffee beans, or create a special promotion on LoyalRate is enough to show their hospitality and loyalty to the business. You can even offer some a special gift through LoyalRate, such as a gift certificate or even a free cup of coffee. If you want to do something more special, you can also hold a customer feedback day at your cafe so customers can get a complimentary drink from a specially curated list and give you feedback.

Your biggest revenue will come from your regular customers, as they are the ones who spend the most money and time with you. As a result, your daily goal as a coffee shop owner should be to create more regular customers and exceed their expectations. Happy customers become loyal customers and speak a word of mouth that attracts new customers. LoyalRate helps you promote your coffee shops to locals and win loyal customers, so grow your business today by creating your free listings with us.

Written By Mai Le

I love helping small businesses to succeed. I also love working with shoppers to help them save money. A maximalist. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of LoyalRate.

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