Support local shops. Discover places. Save money

Support small businesses and create a happier local community

Discover new favourite local shops with other loyal customers

Save money, time and effort by buying upfront local goods and services

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Why bulk-buy with LoyalRate?

In big and small ways, we make lives better for you and for the local shops near you.

Saving time, money and effort

Save more for your recurring purchases from the shops you have been buying from for years.

Discover high-quality local places

From coffees to dry cleaning, you can discover nearby places, see what’s popular with lots of loyal customers like yourself!

Be a known regular

With your unique QR code to be scanned in-store, the shop knows you! Now you are a known regular with the owner and the staff.

Support your local businesses

Many small, independent shops need your help to stay afloat. Your small contribution today via bulk-buying help to secure local jobs.

What kind of deals are on LoyalRate?

Support your local businesses. You get the discounts, rewards and recognition. We are adding more shops every day!

Coffee shops


Dry cleaners


Hair salon and Barbers

Massage parlour

How it works

Browse local discounts on LoyalRate

Input your postcode to see local deals in your area. From coffees to dry cleaning, we have many places you know and love.

Pay upfront for stuff you already usually buy

Get discounts by paying upfront for things you already regularly buy. E.g., get 20% discount if you pay for 10 coffees now, or buy £100 in-store dry cleaning credit for £80 today.

Redeem in-store with QR code

Bring your unique QR code in-store to be scanned by the shop employees. Voila – you’ve redeemed your regular purchase with a handsome discount.

We offer refunds if things go wrong

Things go wrong sometimes and the experience you want may not always be what you get.
Hence, we offer a 100% refund guarantee if things don’t meet your expectations.

Have more questions?

Talk to us! We’re always available to help.