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About us

LoyalRate is a marketplace that enables customers to bulk-buy their everyday local purchases in advance. Individual customers benefit from discounts and rewards for their loyalty and support, while local businesses benefit from receiving cashflow upfront. LoyalRate is part of Optimico, a start-up originator with several successful e-commerce related start-up projects.

Job overview

You will be working on the LoyalRate project (, which is Optimico’s latest project. As LoyalRate serves the growing needs of both local businesses and individual customers in the UK, we are looking for field sales staff to engage with potential customers (both local companies andindividuals) to sign them up and generate business opportunities
This placement involves day-to-day in-person engagement with potential customers. Primary duties include:

  • to develop brand presence and long-lasting relationships
  • door-to-door canvassing and in-person lead generation throughout London (and eventually other major UK cities)
  • to sign-up new individual customers and local businesses to our offerings

As well as building up and honing your B2B and B2C sales skills, you will also have broad exposure to other aspects of the company through optional business development projects including marketing, strategy, product development, accounting and operations.

Specific responsibilities and duties

We are a highly motivated, entrepreneurial, ambitious team with a passion for helping UK local businesses and having fun at work. As part of this team, we are looking for talented and motivated field-sales interns, with an appetite for creating long-lasting customer relationships to grow LoyalRate.

For this field sales internship, your schedule will involve working full-time 5-days a week:

  • 3-4 days on full-time field-sales duties
  • 1-2 days office-based activity – you’ll work on sales-related account management tasks and selected business development projects of your choice

Field Sales Duties include:

  • Develop, grow and maintain a pipeline of new LoyalRate customer sign-ups and SME leads across your allocated regions and postcodes
  • Speak directly to directors and business owners over the phone and present the benefits of LoyalRate in an honest, transparent and compelling manner
  • Perform sales canvassing and in-person lead generation for both inLoyalRatedual customers and small local businesses
  • Work with others in the sales team to achieve common weekly objectives

Our primary focus is to train you to become a successful Sales Executive or City Manager for our company and transition to a permanent full-time role at the end of the placement. The majority of the placement tasks will be designed to help you hone your B2B and B2C sales skills. However, you will also have the opportunity to elect several projects outside of sales to enhance your skills and gain a deeper business understanding. You will spend 1-2 days a week on selected projects of your choice, through which you will have plenty of learning opportunities while working with others in a team. These projects of choice can cover other fields such as Marketing, Fundraising, Business Strategy, Product Development, Accounting and Operations.

What we are looking for

  • Great communicator: Confidence in communication with a persuasive and engaging style
  • Street smarts: Know how to navigate your way through any situation, have a keen intellect, a quick eye and lots of common sense
  • Fast learner & self-starter: Ability to learn quickly and get stuck-in. A self-starter who takes the initiative to make things happen – entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, a ”can do” attitude
  • Personal charm: A self-confident, outgoing and charismatic inLoyalRatedual who actively enjoys building strong, genuine relationships
  • Positive character: Looking for the up-side, a conscientious team player with drive, and a strong hands-on mentality
  • Compassionate competitor: You want to win, but not at the expense of your team; you always think about joining forces to achieve a common goal
  • Excellent language skills: English language native/fluent. Fluency in other languages is a plus
  • Coachable: Be open-minded to trying new (and potentially uncomfortable at first) things and learn with our coaching and resources
  • Fearless: You have the grit and stamina to continue when the going gets tough, and/or you face rejections
  • Experience: We don’t believe a university degree or years of experience are essential to be successful in Sales. However, any sales-related experience will be a plus. If you don’t have that, we’ll look for signs of eloquence, demonstrated professionalism, as well as your ability to work well in a team
  • Availability: Available from Q2-2021 for a 6 months full-time placement in London. Possibility to transfer into a permanent role upon successful completion

Reports to

You will be directly reporting to Mai Le, our founder. As part of your internship, you will be working directly with Mai as well as having the chance to collaborate with other interns in team projects and work with other staff in the company.

Why this opportunity?

  • A proven business model with strong potential growth
  • Opportunity to join and shape a new, fast-growing UK digital start-up at a very early stage
  • Autonomy and decision-making capabilities from day one
  • Sales training and coaching sessions provided to improve your sales skills
  • Great opportunities for personal development and focused career training
  • Professional reference at the end of your placement
  • A dynamic and motivated team, working in a professional and fun environment
  • Great perks such as team trips, flexible working arrangements and more
  • Flexible working models, so you can fit work around your schedule
  • Possibility to transfer into a permanent role upon successful completion

We look forward to receiving your application with your CV at [email protected]. Please also include your availability and work arrangement preference.

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