Our principle: Be Nice

A core LoyalRate principle, “Be Nice”, means that in our community, people treat each other how they’d want to be treated: with civility, respect and consideration.

To us, business means relationships. We put people first. We believe loyalty to each other is founded on appreciating the people involved and our personal integrity.

When we create a company, we have the luxury to choose who we want to serve and the kind of community to surround ourselves with. We work hard to ensure the LoyalRate community is full of friendly, supportive people:

  • Nice shoppers who support their favourite local shops, in big or small ways
  • Nice shop employees who go the extra miles for the people they serve
  • Nice shop owners who care for their customers and employees

We look to attract welcoming, respectful community participants who will encourage and understand each other.

“Nice” is how we hope you’ll remember LoyalRate

We are a team of good-hearted people who like to work with, and serve, other nice people. While we provide you with some great prices and discounts, we hope you bring kindness to this community. It is important to us that you will remember LoyalRate as a community of nice people. A place you can trust, feel safe and will return. Loyalty is the core of everything we do. Behind every action of ours is the intention to build a personal relationship with you and earn your trust. Outstanding loyalty is not found in commercial gains, but in our feelings and heart-warming experiences when we are together.

Why we are telling you this

We like to speak plainly and clearly. “Be Nice” is the most important message we hope you remember. This principle guides everything we do, how we behave towards you, and how our community is built. You will see this principle reflecting in all of our actions. Like the time we make exceptions for you because that’s the fair and right thing to do. Or the time we take an economic hit ourselves to protect our shop partners.

We like to be straightforward and consistent. From difficult situations to happy occasions, we will always be nice to you. We hope you will also be nice to us, and to everyone else on LoyalRate.