Our mission

To maximise the rewards for customer loyalty and support local businesses who care about their loyal customers.

We believe everyone should be well-rewarded for their continual loyalty to their local shops. We give local businesses the tools to reach and best reward their regular, local and loyal customers 

It’s easy to spend money locally, but getting the most value out of your everyday purchases is a different story. Take dry cleaners for example: finding the best dry cleaner takes time and a lot of trial and error, yet it is not always in your best interest to be loyal to just one place. Frankly, there aren’t many rewards for sticking to one shop, instead of browsing around.

We don’t think that’s fair, neither makes any sense. If you’re loyal to a particular local business, you should be well-rewarded for being so.

That’s where LoyalRate comes in, we give local businesses the tools it takes to find, recognise and reward their loyal customers with the best deals, perks and all around value. We make this process hassle-free and easy-to-use for both businesses and customers alike. This way you can always spend with confidence knowing you’ve got the best savings, whilst supporting your favourite local shops.

If it involves spending money locally, we’re here to help!


Who we are

L for Loyal

Loyalty is the embodiment of LoyalRate brand. LoyalRate exists to maximise the rewards for customer loyalty and support local businesses who care about their loyal customers.

O for Outstanding

Outstanding is the only standard we accept. LoyalRate strives to deliver outstanding goods and services to our outstanding customers and partners.

Y for Youthful

We are energetic, enthusiastic, fearless and refreshing. We look at the world with a bold and daring perspective.

A for Authentic

Authenticity means LoyalRate stands for more than just economic success. We are original, useful, sincere, open and honest. Most importantly, we always remain true to ourselves, our customers and our partners.

L for Local

LoyalRate exists to serve the local community. We support your local heroes, from the small shops in your neighbourhood to the next-door customers.

R for Rare

The deals on LoyalRate don’t exist elsewhere, because they’re uniquely tailored and personalised to you and your local area.

A for Affordable

We work hard to ensure that our deals are affordable to the regular customers. We also maintain a lean operation to ensure our transparent charges to business could be kept low and accessible to all.

T for Together

LoyalRate is all about a sense of community and being together. Together also means acting as a team to tackle challenges of local small shops and our customers.

E for Easy

LoyalRate is an easy way to get huge discounts while supporting local businesses in your neighbourhood. We make the whole interaction so easy, you’ll barely notice it.

Our business model

We earn a 10% commission from local stores when you find savings and local deals. What we don’t do is share or sell your data to anyone (you can read our Privacy Policy here).
We’re building a better way to shop, one that saves you time, money and helps support local businesses, even if there’s less in it for us.

Our brand guidelines

We love people who talk about us. Therefore, we have built a creative hub of our brand guidelines, usages, and assets to make it as convenient as possible for you to deliver on-brand reference. If you’d like to explore, dive in!
Fine Print

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Customer loyalty is the best business strategy

Help to reward loyal customers and support local businesses.