Our mission

To maximise the rewards for customer loyalty and support local businesses who care about their loyal customers

We believe everyone should be well-rewarded for their loyalty to their local shops. We give local businesses the tools and reach to best reward their regulars and loyal supporters. 

It’s easy to spend money locally. But getting the most value from your everyday purchases is a different story. Take dry cleaners for example. Finding the best dry cleaner takes time and a lot of trials and errors, yet it is not always in your best interest to be loyal to one dry cleaner. Frankly, there is currently no rewards for sticking to one shop, instead of browsing around.
We don’t think that’s fair. If you’re loyal to a particular local business, you should be well-rewarded for doing so.
LoyalRate is here to help. We give local business the tools it takes to find, recognise and rewards their loyal customers with the best deals, perks, and all around value. And we make them hassle-free and easy-to-use to both the businesses and the customers to transact. So you can always spend with confidence knowing you’ve got the best savings, while supporting your favourite local shops.
If it involves spending money locally, we’ll be there to help!


Our business model

We earn a commission from local stores when you find savings and local deals. What we don’t do is sell or share your data (you can read our Privacy Policy here)
We’re building a better way to shop, one that saves you time and money and support local businesses, even if there’s less in it for us. If this sounds like a new way of doing things, you’re right

Build a world where customer loyalty is the best strategy

Help to reward loyal customers and support local businesses